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Setting the pace for International Business!

Nationalism and protectionism are on the rise, and growth rates in emerging markets are diverging. But international business is far from flatlining: globalization’s essential rules are being redefined and its pace is accelerating. Even as the world becomes more decentralized politically and physically, customers, devices, services, processes, and businesses continue to integrate digitally. The simultaneous rise of economic nationalism and of digital integration is redefining the international business landscape that has shaped our understanding of globalization. VAMS BUSINESS CONSULTING helps companies adapt their products, approaches, and business models to the new global reality.


How can businesses take advantage of Globalization?

VAMS BUSINESS CONSULTING helps companies absorb the shock of global volatility by building capabilities and structures that enable data integration, flexibility, and agility across borders and businesses.


As an international strategy consultancy, we advise all stakeholders in international business and in economic globalization.

In a Meeting

Multinational Corporations

VAMS BUSINESS CONSULTING helps MNCs unlock growth in emerging markets through both global and local opportunities. Our tools position multinationals ahead of evolving consumer trends and rising local competitors.

Successful Work Team

Global Challengers & Other Local Competitors

VAMS BUSINESS CONSULTING works with a class of rapidly growing companies in emerging markets that we call global challengers and with the local companies that aspire to compete at this level. Our strategies help them win at home and compete with global leaders.

Government Building


We team with national and regional authorities to promote economic development. Our international consulting group evaluates local business climates and maps out the ways to attract more foreign direct investment and build public-private partnerships.

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