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We help principal investment companies identify and evaluate opportunities to deliver superior returns on their funds.


VAMS BUSINESS CONSULTING provides an array of capabilities to support investment decision making, backed by deep expertise across diverse industry sectors. Our clients include private equity funds, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, investment banks, commercial banks, arrangers, strategic investors, and insurers.


VAMS BUSINESS CONSULTING has created value in many M&A transactions across a range of industries.


Our services include conducting industry and market scans; designing acquisition and divestiture strategies; developing robust, analytically driven due diligence; and assisting with transaction negotiations. We focus on assessing future transaction market and competitive potential, value chain drivers, business designs, and management; finding and profiling potential partners or buyers; devising optimal transaction structures; and facilitating the decision-making process.


VAMS BUSINESS CONSULTING will help clients during the valuation, structuring, and execution phases of securitization, reinsurance, and other structured finance transactions.


We support asset valuation and analysis of asset-backed securities; structuring and development of securities, including risk assessment at various levels; and provision of risk assessment analysis to underwriters as part of the due diligence process.


Backed by years of experience, VAMS BUSINESS CONSULTING acts as a trusted advisor to companies and investors as they take on the challenges of strategic, operational, and financial restructuring.


We place a high priority on developing sustainable restructuring concepts that address both the market and the competitive environment as well as specific factors for success. We act as a coordinator for restructuring processes, as an objective expert and a neutral third party who provides quantitatively supported advice to address the interests of management, shareholders, lenders, and other stakeholders. With more than three decades of experience in strategic, operational, and financial restructuring, we offer a complete management solution and "one-stop-shop" approach to turning around companies.



When an outside-in assessment of a company in distress is required, VAMS BUSINESS CONSULTING can leverage its deep industry expertise and extensive restructuring experience to identify risks and opportunities, which are then used to assess business plan revenues, profits, and cash flows. Special attention is paid to the viability of the business design and the ability of the company to win against its competitors.


Using benchmarks and best practices from industry peers and our toolbox of methods to achieve operational excellence, we also give concrete recommendations on how to improve profitability and liquidity - often even beyond what was planned in the original business plan.


Strategic Repositioning

Value-Focused Business Model

Operational Excellence

Financial Restructuring


  • Strategy & Growth

  • Sales Efficiency

  • Production Optimization

  • Procurement & Supply Chain

  • IT & Operations

  • Organization & Processes

  • Mergers & Acquisitions



Monitoring the implementation and the achievement of planned improvements - using a web-based program-management tool if necessary


Delivering regular reports to management, owners, and financial stakeholders about the latest business performance (sales, earnings, liquidity) as well as the implementation status of the project, potential problems, and necessary responses


Performing ongoing liquidity management (including rolling liquidity projections, liquidity-bolstering steps, and potential problems)


Supporting communications activities about the restructuring program within the company and to external stakeholders

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